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Lake Titicaca
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Puno tours traditional in 3 days and 2 nights

One of the biggest tourist attractions presented by the Lake Titicaca in Puno, floating islands are located along its entire length. The most noteworthy is the Floating Island Uros whose main feature being artificially built on reeds and thin-leaved plants and long, with an average thickness of between two and three meters.

Day 01: Reception – Sillustani

Arrive to Puno and transfer from bus terminal to hotel. Pick up from hotel and going to Pre-Inca graveyard, where we appreciate the beautiful view, amazing mountains, Umayo Lake and the huge Chullpas of Sillustani, that was be a tomb of the pre-Inca people, this construction is circular high with four meters approximately.

Then we return for lunch, when we will finish the meal we continue to visit the family home and in this place you could appreciate the life style and meals. We return to Cusco and transfer to your hotel.

Day 02: Uros – Taquile

Breakfast in hotel. At 06:40 a.m. we pick up you from hotel and transfer to the port, then we make a tour by boat with engine, and through this we visit the first floating island of Uros and we can see the National Reserve of Titicaca Lake.

Then we will visit the Taquile Island after that we have a little trek to High Island and in this place we take the lunch, when you finish your meal you down over 500 steps. We start with our journey to Puno port. Transfer to hotel.

Day 03: Transfer

Breakfast in hotel and later transfer to Puno airport. The tour includes The tour not includes

Tour Uros Island and Taquile (Full day)

Taquile Island, is 35 Km. Of Puno in the highest navigable lake in the world Titicaca. Taquile Quechua name is 'Intinka'. On the island of Taquile there are traces of the past, was part of the Inca Empire, dating from pre-Inca times, whose vestiges are observed in the upper part, Its main attraction is ethnological culture and folklore, because they retain their customs and rituals, values and ancestral uses lake scenery and nature can be seen, the typical dress, extraordinary and fine textiles made by islanders activity that involves men and women (with symmetrical symbolic decorations with strong colors and contrast) reflects its social and ecological conception .. are famous Chullos, Cchumpis, or strips of Taquile, decorated with colorful symbols of great complexity. The natives share their experiences in their homes, food in restaurants where dishes prepared by themselves are served.

Detailed Itinerary tour Uros Island and Taquile 6:45 a.m.. Pick up visitors from their hotels.
7:00 a.m.. Puno departure port, heading to the floating islands of Uros.
7:25 a.m.. Arrival of the first floating island, receiving native who share their ancestral experiences and their main activity is fishing and hunting.
8:25 a.m.. Visit the second floating island.
9:00 a.m.. Departure to Taquile Island.
11:30 a.m.. Arrival to the island, landing at the port of SALAKANCHA.
12: 30 pm.Concentración in the parade.
13: 45 pm. Taste of their delicious dishes: quinoa soup, fried trout
with rice and potatoes spare time.
1:45 p.m.. Down the 535 stone steps to the main port Chilcano.
2:30 p.m.. Return to the city of Puno.
5:00 p.m.. First port of Puno and transfer to their hotels.
It Included Does not include
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